[AG-TECH] Re: [AG-USERS] unicas question

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Tue Jan 18 07:44:02 CST 2005

Hi Dio,

Dioselin Gonzalez wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> We are working on a distance learning project and we would like to use 
> AG.  One of the concerns is we want students to be able to attend class 
> from home, where usually we don't have multicast.   I've been reading 
> the documentation about bridges and the unicast option in the venue 
> client. 
> I have tried using this option at home and connect to the Argonne 
> bridge, but yet I can't attend meetings from home.  What am I missing?  
> Would anybody point me out to what it takes to use unicast ?

I'm not a networking person, but my hunch is it's either a blocked 
port(s), or your traffic is going through a NAT router (which translates 
addresses in a way that interferes with AG).

> Another question: from what I've read, using unicast would allow users 
> to start the media tools, but not the shared apps.  Is this correct?

Depends on the shared app. I believe many shared apps use unicast natively.

- Jennifer

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