[AG-TECH] unicas question

Dioselin Gonzalez dioselin at purdue.edu
Sun Jan 16 19:46:26 CST 2005

Hello everybody,

We are working on a distance learning project and we would like to use 
AG.  One of the concerns is we want students to be able to attend class 
from home, where usually we don't have multicast.   I've been reading 
the documentation about bridges and the unicast option in the venue 

I have tried using this option at home and connect to the Argonne 
bridge, but yet I can't attend meetings from home.  What am I missing?  
Would anybody point me out to what it takes to use unicast ?

Another question: from what I've read, using unicast would allow users 
to start the media tools, but not the shared apps.  Is this correct?

Thank you!


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