[AG-TECH] Macs as Display Systems

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Thu Jan 13 10:16:50 CST 2005

Douglas Baggett said:
> Fellow AGers
> I've been "living" in the Mac environment for about a month now to
> support some desktop users and I've been pleasantly surprised as to how
> well OS X and Mac hardware handles mult-display systems and correctly
> detects displays without the hassle that I have to go through on windows
> or hacking xorg config files in LINUX.
> Have many of you used or are using OS X systems for Display? With the
> release of AG 2.x using a Mac as a display seems like a real possibility.
> thanks for any comments or suggestions!

Doug, from a fellow Mac user, the AG toolkit for Mac's don't include vic
or rat. All you get is the Python interface. But, I've had great success
with the vic and rat from VRVS. vic works with any Firewire camera. Now
its manual, so you'll have to know the multicast address and run it from
an X11 terminal, but it works wonderful.


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