[AG-TECH] Macs as Display Systems

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Wed Jan 12 18:12:19 CST 2005

Hi Doug,

This is getting close. We have been experimenting with a couple of tools 
that do video display on the Mac. There is a VRVS version of vic that 
runs on the Mac and can use the iSight camera. VP is a display tool out 
of the Australian National University and it also runs on the Mac and 
can handle the display. The VRVS vic is not integrated as a service at 
the moment but as a tool it works fine. VP is packaged as a NodeService.

Probably most promising is at the last townhall meeting (Tuesday) Eric 
Olson from Argonne mentioned that they were fairly close to a minor 
release for AG that would include audio and video services for the Mac 
based on the OpenMash vic and rat I believe. The only caveat is that the 
iSight microphone does not work. Hopefully by the end of the month we 
will see a release of this...

We are in the same situation, would love to use the mac as a display 
machine in a couple of our nodes. Hopefully this will be the solution.



Douglas Baggett wrote:

> Fellow AGers
> I've been "living" in the Mac environment for about a month now to 
> support some desktop users and I've been pleasantly surprised as to how 
> well OS X and Mac hardware handles mult-display systems and correctly 
> detects displays without the hassle that I have to go through on windows 
> or hacking xorg config files in LINUX.
> Have many of you used or are using OS X systems for Display? With the 
> release of AG 2.x using a Mac as a display seems like a real possibility.
> thanks for any comments or suggestions!
> -Doug

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