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A Quay andy at digitalworlds.ufl.edu
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Can you give me a little more detail about how you rename your video
streams? I tried with no luck on our multi-machine node.


Do you click the thumbnail in the encoding (capture) VIC window or
decoding VIC window? And when I hit return it just switches video feeds.
So when do you hit return?


What video capture cards are you running on FC2? Tried upgrading today
to FC and our Hapauge cards freeze after the first frame is grabbed.
We've tried FC2 and FC3.


Thanks, andy



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I have had the same problems - drives me crazy.
Do you have a one machine node or multiple.  Not so bad on a single
machine on Win XP.
You have to hit return in the vic window immediately - if your mouse
moves off of the line you are typing it is too late for it to be saved.
On the multiple machine node with the video capture OS being FC2, I can
even add a second line to get rid of the email address which I would
love to do.  I set this in each of the vic capture windows - the return
rule applies there too.  As soon as I leave the venue that I set it in -
I lose the information.  How I long for a video.cfg file.

At 09:52 AM 1/12/2005 -0600, Monika Rabarison wrote:


I just tested the steps that Tom indicated for renaming the video stream

and I got the stream name changed and saved. I have JSU SciVis PIG 
currently in the ANL Venue Server Lobby at 
I changed the stream name to Camera.


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, A Quay wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Correct - I understand the process of naming my video streams. But
> I view my node's video thumbnails in VIC, they all have a stream name
> "Video" instead of "Camera 1", "Camera 2", etc. And other nodes see my
> stream names as "MYNODENAME (Video)".
> I've saved the node config as the default and even rebooted.
> Just for curiosity, I checked out
> https://venues.ncsa.uiuc.edu:9000/Venues/default and noticed that
> everyone's streams have VIDEO in their stream name.
> Any thoughts?
> -andy
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> Andy:
> You can set the stream name as you like, by configuring the video
> producer service (or 
> video service).  In the VenueClient, select Preferences->ManageMyNode,
> double-click the 
> VideoProducerService, and change the stream name.  If you want the
> to persist, store 
> the node configuration.
> Tom
> A Quay wrote:
> > At one time, when clicking on a video thumbnail in VIC, the title
> of
> > the opened video window was titled the name of the remote site
> appended
> > with the video stream name (camera name). I've noticed that
> > window now has "Their name (Video)" for all of their camera feeds.
> > 
> > Is there any way to change this back to the way it was? Having the
> > camera name in the window title bar makes it much easier to arrange
> the
> > video windows on the desktop.
> > 
> > i.e.  University of Florida (audience), University of Florida
> > (presenter), University of Florida (VCR)
> > 
> > Andy Quay
> > Digital Worlds Institute, University of Florida
> > 
> > 

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