Kun Wei weikun at caltech.edu
Fri Jan 7 11:11:44 CST 2005

Hi, Andrew;
VRVS AG Gateway is developed by VRVS to act as a bridge between AG 
multicast/any multicast and unicast network. It runs on a fair Linux 
box(not high demand on hardware, but the more powerful,l, the better:)

Please send contact at vrvs.org to request hosting a VRVS AG Gateway. The 
cost is low, you need provide the server, provide local support, make 
sure it is on 24x7.


Andrew Rowley wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any way that we could run our own VRVS-AG bridge? i.e is this just
> a software server or is there some hardware here too and is the software
> free?
> Andrew :)
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> Manchester Computing,
> Kilburn Building,
> University of Manchester,
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> Subject: Re: [AG-TECH] VRVS via AG
> all you need to do is tell support at vrvs.org which room(s) you would like 
> to be bridged.  For example, all of the "rooms" in the Internet2 
> "Community" are bridged and you are welcome to make use of these - juts 
> remember to send me a note!
> Andrew Rowley wrote:
>>I don't think that this is a VRVS-Access Grid room.  To see the list of
>>rooms that can be used with Access Grid, go to http://www.vrvs.org/ and
>>login, then click on "Enter" on the left menu bar and select the
>>"VAccessGrid" in the top right hand corner (quite small, above options).
>>This lists the Virtual Venues that can be used for Access Grid - VRVS
>>I am guessing that there might be a way to add to this list of venues.  I
>>would be interested in knowing how this might be done...
>>Andrew :)
>>Access Grid Support Centre,
>>RSS Group,
>>Manchester Computing,
>>Kilburn Building,
>>University of Manchester,
>>Oxford Road,
>>M13 9PL, 
>>Tel: +44(0)161-275 0685
>>Email: Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk 
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>>Subject: [AG-TECH] VRVS via AG
>>Can I get to a VRVS venue via the AG ? In particular the Fog Room.
>>It has a couple of H.323 sources. Will that work ?

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