[AG-TECH] VRVS Access Grid Gateway Enhanced with Real-time Audio Mixer and Transcoder

Kun Wei weikun at caltech.edu
Wed Jan 5 17:14:25 CST 2005

VRVS Team has recently developed the real-time audio mixer and 
transcoder. The new features are installed at VRVS Access Grid Gateway 
on the first priority.

The new audio mixer can mix multiple audio streams in real-time. It is 
extremely beneficial for users connected to Access Grid with H.323 
client (such as Polycom, Tandberg, Etc.). H.323 client can receive 
smoothly mixed audio streams from multiple sites from now on.

The transcoder service is also improved to translate audio codec in 
real-time between Access Grid audio protocol and G.711 ulaw protocol. 
G.711 ulaw is the mandatory audio protocol for H.323 clients.

For comments and feedback, please contact VRVS Team support at vrvs.org

For more information about VRVS Access Grid Gateway, please refer to 
AGDP http://www.accessgrid.org/agdp/howto/vrvs.html

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