Jeffrey Bary Jeffrey.Bary at nyu.edu
Thu Jan 6 07:23:12 CST 2005

I'm interested in bridging a VRVS room into the AG rather than an AG 
room into VRVS. I believe that (e.g.) the Fog Room in VRVS is not 
available to AG only attendees.

Also, any thoughts on H.323 VRVS users using one of these bridged 
rooms. I'm going to give it a try later today time permitting.

We've been asked to support a physics event in one of our buildings 
that is not multicast ready and the group appears to be VRVS users.


>all you need to do is tell support at vrvs.org which room(s) you would 
>like to be bridged.  For example, all of the "rooms" in the 
>Internet2 "Community" are bridged and you are welcome to make use of 
>these - juts remember to send me a note!
>Andrew Rowley wrote:
>>I don't think that this is a VRVS-Access Grid room.  To see the list of VRVS
>>rooms that can be used with Access Grid, go to http://www.vrvs.org/ and
>>login, then click on "Enter" on the left menu bar and select the
>>"VAccessGrid" in the top right hand corner (quite small, above options).
>>This lists the Virtual Venues that can be used for Access Grid - VRVS
>>I am guessing that there might be a way to add to this list of venues.  I
>>would be interested in knowing how this might be done...
>>Access Grid Support Centre,
>>RSS Group,
>>Manchester Computing,
>>Kilburn Building,
>>University of Manchester,
>>Oxford Road,
>>Manchester, M13 9PL, UK
>>Tel: +44(0)161-275 0685
>>Email: Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
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>>Can I get to a VRVS venue via the AG ? In particular the Fog Room.
>>It has a couple of H.323 sources. Will that work ?
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