[AG-TECH] Downloading AG vic sources from CVS

Ashnil Kumar akum5948 at mail.usyd.edu.au
Tue Dec 13 21:25:31 CST 2005

I'm trying to obtain the osx-aqua tag of the ag-media directory from 
CVS. I have set:

	export CVS_RSH=ssh
	export CVSROOT=:ext:fl-cvs.mcs.anl.gov:/cvs/fl

However, the command:

cvs co -r osx-aqua agmedia ends up with

	Permission denied (publickey,hostbased).

Changing CVS_RSH to rsh, or not using the variable at all results in:

	fl-cvs.mcs.anl.gov: Operation timed out

Using :pserver:anonymous at cvs.mcs.anl.gov:/cvs/fl causes a warning 

	cannot open /cvs/fl/CVSROOT/val-tags read/write: Permission denied

Is there any other method I can use to get this tag out?

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