[AG-TECH] Unicast help

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Sep 28 15:26:17 CDT 2004

ANL bridges venues on the TVS (vv2.mcs.anl.gov) that are listed here:


The bridges use ports in the range 24000 and 24100, so you'd have to 
open holes for udp traffic from ag-tech.mcs.anl.gov to these ports.


Alan Kraft wrote:
> I just spoke with our IT people and I found out that
> our campus internet provider, IHTS, is not configured
> at this time to handle multicasting.  Our IT people said
> that they will start working on getting multicasting
> up and running but in the meantime we must use unicasting.
> What I need is help with either the ports that our
> firewall need to open for unicasting for both inbound
> and outbound traffic.  If that list is long, then can
> anyone send me the IP address of the Stugartt University
> bridge used for unicasting so that our IT people can
> open up all ports for that IP address?  
> Thanks in advance.
> Al Kraft
> Valparaiso University
> Valparaiso, IN

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