[AG-TECH] WinTV / XP / AGtk 2.3

Weidner, Steve sweidner at usd.edu
Mon Sep 27 16:37:15 CDT 2004

I was hoping to move the Video Producer services in my node to the PC
that is currently providing my Video Consumer and Audio services.  I
read back through the archive of the list and see there were problems
using multiple WinTV cards under XP due to the WDM driver model.  I went
ahead and moved the cards to my Display machine and as discussed in an
earlier thread, with the Hauppauge Win 2k drivers, I am able to see
output from the first card, but not from the other two.


Do those problems still exist or have they been addressed?  Should I be
able to get three capture cards working in one XP machine (yes, I have
slots available)?  Assuming it can be done, where do I configure each
Video Producer's source?  I don't see an option for that in the Service
Config Dialog under Node Management, but would be willing to add any
necessary lines in individual config files.


I would also consider purchasing one of the other cards that I've seen
mentioned, problem is that my room is wired for s-video.  We're using
three Sony EVI-D30 cameras.  What type of adapters would I need in order
to get their signal into cards like the Winnov Videum 4400VO?  I'm
thinking I'd have to go RCA to S-Video (wall-plate) then S-Video back to
BNC, does that sound about right?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Steve Weidner

The University of South Dakota


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