[AG-TECH] RAT not starting up in AG 2.3 on Win XP

Wesley Skoczen wesley.skoczen at sheridanc.on.ca
Fri Sep 24 11:39:34 CDT 2004

This is AG 2.3 installation on Laptop Gateway M675, with Windows XP Home 
AG 2.3 runs almost normally, but with one exception RAT program is not 
showing up.
In Windows Task Manager rat, ratmedia and ratui are listed but RAT 
window is not showing up on the desktop.

When I run RAT for the first time after fresh restart from the command 
line (i.e.: rat it opens a new window.
When I close the RAT window I can't start RAT anymore. Windows Task 
Manager shows that ratmedia is running.
I cannot end this process in any way other then by restarting Windows.
In fact each time I start rat, it adds extra rat, ratmedia and ratui 
I can end rat and ratui but it is not possible to end ratmedia process.
I have also installed rat-4.2.24-ipv6-win2k and it is showing the same 
behavior, as version included in AG Toolkit.

Any help will be appreciated,
Thank You

Wesley Skoczen
tel. 905 845 9430 x8704

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