[AG-TECH] development issue

David G Mills dgm at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Sep 23 06:19:40 CDT 2004

I'm trying to get the VenueClient to actually work properly when you pass 
it the '--insecure' option from the command line, instead of some fake 
facade of a working application.

My final grievance is with the RunService() method within AGService.py. So 
some reason it is starting an instance of SecureServer from 
hosting/SOAPpy/Server.py without performing any kind of check to see if AG 
is running in insecure mode. I've tried all sorts of checking to ascertain 
from within the RunService() method whether '--insecure' has been called 
on start up, but nothing works. It would seem that the method call is so 
far down it has no understanding of the processes above it that are 
calling it.

Could an actual AccessGrid developer please suggest how I can check on the 
state of the VenueClient from RunService() or perhaps suggest how to 
modify it and subsequent classes to be able to pass a parameter down to it 
so that it knows the state.

Awaiting eagerly,


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