[AG-TECH] about Hauppuage WINTV Capture Card

Russ Wolf russ at bu.edu
Wed Sep 22 12:55:34 CDT 2004

I sent this already but due to the nature of the original URLs some 
folks spam filters kicked it back so I substituted the real URLs with 
tinyURL equivs.


You need to build the V4L2 drivers in to your older kernel.
the starting place for this is:


and some more direct links on the same site are:

about cx88

This is a v4l2 device driver for TV cards based on the conexant 2388x 
chip family.

Most prominent piece of hardware are the recent Hauppauge WinTV cards. 
More and more Vendors are switching now through ...

Driver releases are available for download right here. Note that the 
cx88 driver also is included in the 2.6.x kernels.

     --Russ Wolf, Boston University

Zeppy B. Vilan wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Does anybody use this type of chipset of the particular capture card 
> which is Hauppauge WINTV and the chipset name is:
> CX23880-19
> FC8116.2
> 0350 KOREA
> anybody has a solution running with redhat 7.3 for video machine for the 
> accessgrid. thank you for your support regarding this problem. thank you 
> and have a good day everyone.
> cheers,
> zeppy

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