[AG-TECH] SharedApp on non-venue-client machine?

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Tue Sep 21 23:07:13 CDT 2004

Hi All

I'm looking at better ways of managing our (multi-machine) nodes. One of the things I want to do is have the operation be remote to the node, by having the venue-client running on (for example) the control machine. (I'd really like to have multiple venue clients (or just one?) on a single machine, operating multiple separate AG nodes across our campuses, but that's a little way off yet).

The one thing that gets in the way seems to be that SharedApps (browser, presentations, etc.) appear on the same machine as the venue client. This seems to tie the SharedApps, the venue client and the display machine together. That seems to be against the architecture of distributed node-services and service managers. So, I'm probably doing something wrong :-)

Is there a way of configuring a node so that the sharedapps appear on the display machine (say), rather than the venue-client machine? 



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