[AG-TECH] Installing AG 2.3 on Gentoo

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 20 19:08:33 CDT 2004

Jon Johansson wrote:
> When I try to install the vic, the build ends with:
>    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>    make: *** [vic] Error 1

i don't know if this will completely solve the problem but you
ought to be able to get one step closer by not linking vic
statically.  in the long run, somebody will need to adapt the
configure script to disable static linking.

but you might be able to get around this quickly -- first
you'll need to go into the vic build directory (i'm not familiar
with the gentoo packaging tools so i don't know where that is).
in that directory, edit the Makefile, find the line
"STATIC = -static" and change it to "STATIC =".  then run
make again and vic ought to link this time.

if you're lucky the gentoo packaging tools will just take the
vic executable you just produced and install it for you.  if
the packaging tool insists on starting the vic build over from
scratch, you'll need to wait until the complete fix to the
configure script is done.


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