[AG-TECH] Mac OS X Install and Certificate Request

Jeffrey Bary Jeffrey.Bary at nyu.edu
Thu Sep 16 12:38:45 CDT 2004

I installed the Mac OS X version 2.3 of the Access Grid Toolkit and 
then I went to request a certificate using the certificate wizard. It 
worked fine until the last page that contains the message:

Click 'Finish' to submit identity certificate request for Jeffrey 
Bary to Argonne.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent, within 2 
business days, to Jeffrey.Bary at nyu.edu.


I then pressed to "Finish" button and got the message:

Error occurred. Certificate request cannot be completed.


Any suggestions on how to proceed ?


Jeffrey Bary              New York University     phone:  212-998-3049
Senior Arts Technologist  251 Mercer                fax:  212-995-4120
Arts Technology Group     New York, NY 10012   internet:  Jeffrey.Bary at nyu.edu

      N Y U  /  I n f o r m a t i o n  T e c h n o l o g y  S e r v i c e s
             A c a d e m i c   C o m p u t i n g   S e r v i c e s

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