[AG-TECH] Re: SC Global Volunteers needed!

Bruce Donald Campbell bdc at hitl.washington.edu
Tue Sep 14 19:48:44 CDT 2004

Hi Ivan,

As I wrote earlier, the HIT Lab is pleased to run a bridge for SC Global 
this year. Since I did not hear back from you on our last confirmation, I 
spent the time verifying the interest and commitment of our Associate 
Director, Suzanne Weghorst, and our Director of Technology, Konrad 
Schroder. All three of us will work with you to get our bridge up and 
running reliably. Please let us know what to do next. If I remember well 
from 2001, we should set up our server and client machines with release 
2.3 and then connect to your weekly meeting? Would be nice to verify our 
node is working one-on-one before a meeting though as we haven't run our 
node since release 2.1.2 was all the rage ;-)

We have great bandwidth and are fine on multicast as our server is outside 
of our firewall.

We are eager to work out the details as you suggest here...

> If you are interested in running a bridge for SC Global this year please
> contact me so we can work out the details. Currently we have a bridge
> running at ANL, but it would be excellent to have geographically distributed
> bridges running. I'd love to have volunteers from Australia, Asia, Europe,
> South America and Africa (North America wouldn't be bad, either :-).

> Please let me know if you are a site with good connectivity (bandwidth, and
> multicast) and we can sort out the details.

Cheers, Bruce Campbell

  Bruce Campbell, Human Interface Technology Laboratory
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