[AG-TECH] Possible enhancement for Toolkit

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu Sep 9 20:38:01 CDT 2004

My recent experience with the 'Microsoft TV/Video' network connection 
brings to mind an enhancement.  It would be nice if, during the install 
(and maybe accessible later via a python script), if the Toolkit finds more 
than one network adaptor installed on the machine, it would ask the 
installer which one it should use.  This would have made it obvious in my 
case, but also would handle the case where there REALLY is more than one 
network adaptor in a machine.  I know that I've also seen a 1394 network 
adaptor installed on various machines with FireWire adaptors.

I will enter this in Bugzilla if it sounds like a good idea.


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