[AG-TECH] AGTk 2.3 BETA 2 for Fedora Released

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Wed Sep 1 21:40:52 CDT 2004

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 11:15AM, Douglas Kosovic said:
> Sorry to hear.
hi Doug.

it's moving software.  if it always worked we'd have world peace or something.
> To eliminate to possiblity that it has something to do with the AGTk code 
> (but possibly with the rat binary), try running the older rat like so from 
> the command-line:
> cd .AccessGrid/local_services/AudioService
> ./rat
> Just check that the timestamp for the rat* files aren't from this week to 
> be sure that they are from Beta1 or earlier. Do you then still have the 
> same problem from the command line? If it is an older copy of rat and you 
> are still having problems, then the problems is elsewhere.
> Doing the following might give some hints of where rat is getting stuck:
>  strace ./rat
i'll give them a try tomorrow.
funny.  i just changed my desktop machine to Fedora C2 and downloaded the
newest beta.  my RAT came right up, no problem.

> Have you recently upgraded to kernel 2.6.7 or later? There are a number of 
> networking issues with kernel 2.6.7.
i'm still running 2.6.6.  

> >vic gives me blue screens on my two VideoServices.
> Sounds like the input ports aren't getting set correctly. Do the 
> NodeManagement GUI input settings for the VideoProducer services match what 
> the corresponding vic is using as it's input port? Blue mute screens 
> typically occur if there is no input on a particular input port of a video 
> capture device.
> >VenueClient doesn't die gracefully.  it leaves all the .py processes 
> >hanging
> >around.
> >
> >now if i swap out the new ~/.AccessGrid directory with my older one,
> >VideoService gives me my two video streams.
> >Rat still doesn't show itself.  but VenueClient dies gracefully,
> >except for the rat-ui process that hangs around.
> With your newer ~/.AccessGrid dir, after killing the AG python process, do 
> a 'rm -rf  .AccessGrid/local_services' and see if that helps.
ok.  thanks.
i'll send an update after i've tried some more of these experiments.



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