[AG-TECH] AGTk 2.3 BETA 2 for Fedora Released

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Sep 1 20:15:09 CDT 2004

Hi Fred,

> this release is not working as well on my system as the last beta.
> rat-ui process starts, but never displays.  i turned off my firewall to
> make sure that it wasn't causing the problem.

Sorry to hear.

To eliminate to possiblity that it has something to do with the AGTk code 
(but possibly with the rat binary), try running the older rat like so from 
the command-line:

cd .AccessGrid/local_services/AudioService

Just check that the timestamp for the rat* files aren't from this week to be 
sure that they are from Beta1 or earlier. Do you then still have the same 
problem from the command line? If it is an older copy of rat and you are 
still having problems, then the problems is elsewhere.

Doing the following might give some hints of where rat is getting stuck:

  strace ./rat

Have you recently upgraded to kernel 2.6.7 or later? There are a number of 
networking issues with kernel 2.6.7.

> vic gives me blue screens on my two VideoServices.

Sounds like the input ports aren't getting set correctly. Do the 
NodeManagement GUI input settings for the VideoProducer services match what 
the corresponding vic is using as it's input port? Blue mute screens 
typically occur if there is no input on a particular input port of a video 
capture device.

> VenueClient doesn't die gracefully.  it leaves all the .py processes 
> hanging
> around.
> now if i swap out the new ~/.AccessGrid directory with my older one,
> VideoService gives me my two video streams.
> Rat still doesn't show itself.  but VenueClient dies gracefully,
> except for the rat-ui process that hangs around.

With your newer ~/.AccessGrid dir, after killing the AG python process, do a 
'rm -rf  .AccessGrid/local_services' and see if that helps.


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