[AG-TECH] Remore controlled cameras

Richard Naylor richard.naylor at citylink.co.nz
Thu Oct 28 00:18:37 CDT 2004

At 07:08 AM 10/28/2004 +0200, Ulrich Schwenn wrote:
>do you really mean remote, i.e. any (a) or at least one (b) participating 
>node should be allowed to control your camera(s)?.
>Case (a) would lead to chaos, because n different people will have n 
>different views makes n! possibilities, thus (b) will never assure an 
>optimal position.
>Case (b) could be useful, if you can trust somebody and dont have the time 
>or manpower do do it on your own site.
>If you just mean remote but in your room, this is of course useful, but 
>then you can use the standard RS.232 control of your Sony.
>If you have an audience, where people might feel supervised by external 
>remote control it could become interesting for the unions.
>So better keep camera control under your control.

Yes chaos = case A, but I wondered if anyone actually tried it.

I agree under a restricted access the remote control has many possibilities.


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