[AG-TECH] Remore controlled cameras

Ulrich Schwenn schwenn at rzg.mpg.de
Thu Oct 28 00:08:56 CDT 2004


do you really mean remote, i.e. any (a) or at least one (b) 
participating node should be allowed to control your camera(s)?.
Case (a) would lead to chaos, because n different people will have n 
different views makes n! possibilities, thus (b) will never assure an 
optimal position.
Case (b) could be useful, if you can trust somebody and dont have the 
time or manpower do do it on your own site.
If you just mean remote but in your room, this is of course useful, but 
then you can use the standard RS.232 control of your Sony.
If you have an audience, where people might feel supervised by external 
remote control it could become interesting for the unions.
So better keep camera control under your control.



Richard Naylor wrote:
> Hi There
> I was looking at remote controlled cameras (Sony EVI-D30) for a node 
> room and found software to control it remotely.
> http://dsd.lbl.gov/mbone/remote/
> 2 questions come to mind
> 1. - Has anyone tried this software with (or without) an AG node ?
> 2.  - Has anyone tried remote controlled cameras in an AG environment ? 
> is it chaos if everyone has access to controlling your cameras ?
> rich

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