[AG-TECH] FC2 issues.

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Oct 27 22:05:02 CDT 2004

Hi Jim,

> I do seem to see the 2 second delay in the debug, but didn't have any time
> to get anyting of value off of what scrolled by.  I must apologize, I am
> having zero luck getting to the logs, I did get to the logs directory but
> didn't know how to open ServiceManager.py to look at it.

ServiceManager.py opens the ServiceManager.log file automatically for
writing, you don't have to do anything. To view the log use a text editor or
just issue the following on the command-line:

   less .AccessGrid/Logs/ServiceManager.log

> What I have found though, is this...if I open a terminal window and than 
> run the
> killall -9 AGServiceManager.py command and than in that same window run
> the AGServiceManager.py command it seems to come up and run in the debug
> mode or does it always tell you every little thing that is happening?
> Anyway, I did get that to work, but it's alot of hoops to jump through.
> The launcher I have set up to AGServiceManager.py in a terminal window
> still just disappears as soon as it gets a signal from the display machine
> and maybe the start menu Service Manager was never supposed to come up in
> a terminal window?  I appreciate the help.  Thanks

You are confirming that AGServiceManager.py works from a login shell, but 
exists prematurely from a desktop launcher which specifies a terminal 
window. (it's due to a bug with FC2's Gnome terminal interpreting the signal 
from the exit_group(0) command being an actual exit)

A workaround for the launcher is to start AGServiceManager.py from a shell 
and not execute it directly, e.g. specify the following command in the 
launcher instead of just "AGServiceManager.py -d" :

   /bin/sh -c "AGServiceManager.py -d; sleep 2"

This is what I had to do with the Access Grid Gnome menu entries that bring 
up a terminal.  The only python applications in the Access Grid Gnome menu 
that come up with a terminal are the Debug versions, so you are correct in 
saying that the Service Manager was never supposed to come up in a terminal 
window (except for the debug version).

Anyway, I start AGServiceManager.py when I login to the Gnome desktop by 
adding it to the startup programs list, e.g..:
   Start Menu -> "Preferences" -> "Sessions" -> "Startup Programs" tab
then add, /usr/bin/AGServiceManager.py


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