[AG-TECH] FC2 issues.

jim.senechal at ndsu.nodak.edu jim.senechal at ndsu.nodak.edu
Wed Oct 27 09:26:17 CDT 2004

I checked the rpm it is AccessGrid-2.3-4.i386.rpm

I do seem to see the 2 second delay in the debug, but didn't have any time
to get anyting of value off of what scrolled by.  I must apologize, I am
having zero luck getting to the logs, I did get to the logs directory but
didn't know how to open ServiceManager.py to look at it.  What I have
found though, is this...if I open a terminal window and than run the
killall -9 AGServiceManager.py command and than in that same window run
the AGServiceManager.py command it seems to come up and run in the debug
mode or does it always tell you every little thing that is happening? 
Anyway, I did get that to work, but it's alot of hoops to jump through. 
The launcher I have set up to AGServiceManager.py in a terminal window
still just disappears as soon as it gets a signal from the display machine
and maybe the start menu Service Manager was never supposed to come up in
a terminal window?  I appreciate the help.  Thanks


> Hi Jim,
>>I will try and explain what is happening and see if it sparks any
>> thoughts
>> in anyone.  I have FC2 installed on my video capture machine the AG 2.3
>> toolkit downloaded and installed no problem, it was very cool when yum
>> got
>> setup right!!  Here is what is happening now though, I can bring up
>> AGServiceManager.py in a terminal window, it will come up and ask for
>> certificate password, etc...  I put it in, it starts doing it's thing,
>> but
>> than a lot of things start flying by and the terminal window goes away,
>> if
>> I
>> try and run it again, I get errors, if I reboot and run it again in a
>> terminal window it shows that the service manager is running but as soon
>> as
>> the venue client sends it a signal the terminal window goes away and it
>> doesn't work.
> Which version of the AccessGrid RPM have you got installed? The problem
> you
> describe is supposed to be fixed with AccessGrid-2.3-4.i386.rpm.
> You can find out which version you have installed by running:
>     rpm -qa | grep AccessGrid
> The Gnome menu ServiceManager-Debug file:
>   /usr/share/applications/AccessGrid/ServiceManager-Debug.desktop :
> now does:
>   Exec=/bin/sh -c "AGServiceManager.py -d; sleep 2"
> which wraps AGServiceManager.py in a shell to prevent the terminal from
> closing and also puts a 2 second delay before closing the terminal so you
> have a bit of a chance to see the error messages.
> You can also have a look at the AGTk logs in the following directory:
>   ~/.AccessGrid/Logs/
>> Lastly, and bear with my ignorance, can someone tell me what
>> command I need to kill the servicemanager without rebooting,
>> I'm sorry, that's fairly basic, but I just don't know.  Thanks again
>> all.
> 'killall -9 AGServiceManager.py' might work or you could do a 'ps -ef'
> followed by a 'kill PID' where PID is the process-ID of the running
> AGServiceManager.py process.
> Doug

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