[AG-TECH] FC2 issues.

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Oct 26 20:09:40 CDT 2004

Hi Jim,

>I will try and explain what is happening and see if it sparks any thoughts
> in anyone.  I have FC2 installed on my video capture machine the AG 2.3
> toolkit downloaded and installed no problem, it was very cool when yum got
> setup right!!  Here is what is happening now though, I can bring up
> AGServiceManager.py in a terminal window, it will come up and ask for
> certificate password, etc...  I put it in, it starts doing it's thing, but
> than a lot of things start flying by and the terminal window goes away, if 
> I
> try and run it again, I get errors, if I reboot and run it again in a
> terminal window it shows that the service manager is running but as soon 
> as
> the venue client sends it a signal the terminal window goes away and it
> doesn't work.

Which version of the AccessGrid RPM have you got installed? The problem you 
describe is supposed to be fixed with AccessGrid-2.3-4.i386.rpm.

You can find out which version you have installed by running:
    rpm -qa | grep AccessGrid

The Gnome menu ServiceManager-Debug file:
  /usr/share/applications/AccessGrid/ServiceManager-Debug.desktop :
now does:
  Exec=/bin/sh -c "AGServiceManager.py -d; sleep 2"

which wraps AGServiceManager.py in a shell to prevent the terminal from 
closing and also puts a 2 second delay before closing the terminal so you 
have a bit of a chance to see the error messages.

You can also have a look at the AGTk logs in the following directory:


> Lastly, and bear with my ignorance, can someone tell me what
> command I need to kill the servicemanager without rebooting,
> I'm sorry, that's fairly basic, but I just don't know.  Thanks again all.

'killall -9 AGServiceManager.py' might work or you could do a 'ps -ef' 
followed by a 'kill PID' where PID is the process-ID of the running 
AGServiceManager.py process.


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