[AG-TECH] ClearOne vs Ploycom pdf

Nathan Gardiner nathan.gardiner at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Oct 27 00:13:23 CDT 2004

Hi there,
I came across a PDF document about a month ago which compared the XAP400
to the Vortex EF2241 or similar spec echo cancellers. For the life of me
I cannot find where I located it on the internet. Would anyone happen to
know the URL or have the PDF document. 
By the way, I think it was written by a ClearOne person as it is highly
in favour of the XAP400.
Kind regards,
Nathan Gardiner, IT Support
Human Interface Technology Lab NZ (HIT Lab NZ)
Room 110, Old Maths Building, University of Canterbury
Ph: 364 2987 ext 3072, Cell: 021 163 2956, www.hitlabnz.org
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