[AG-TECH] FC2 issues.

Jim Senechal jim.senechal at ndsu.nodak.edu
Tue Oct 26 15:32:51 CDT 2004

I will try and explain what is happening and see if it sparks any thoughts
in anyone.  I have FC2 installed on my video capture machine the AG 2.3
toolkit downloaded and installed no problem, it was very cool when yum got
setup right!!  Here is what is happening now though, I can bring up
AGServiceManager.py in a terminal window, it will come up and ask for
certificate password, etc...  I put it in, it starts doing it's thing, but
than a lot of things start flying by and the terminal window goes away, if I
try and run it again, I get errors, if I reboot and run it again in a
terminal window it shows that the service manager is running but as soon as
the venue client sends it a signal the terminal window goes away and it
doesn't work.  If I reboot and run it off of the start menu list, I can't
see what is going on, but it works, it will behave the right way.  If I try
and run debug, that terminal goes away also and I don't see any output to
send or get help with.  Once again, I'm not a Linux expert in any way, shape
or form, but does this sound familiar to anyone?  I really want the
servicemanager to run in a terminal so I can keep an eye on things, or at
least know it's running.  Lastly, and bear with my ignorance, can someone
tell me what command I need to kill the servicemanager without rebooting,
I'm sorry, that's fairly basic, but I just don't know.  Thanks again all.


Jim Senechal, Digital Conference Specialist
North Dakota State University
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