[AG-TECH] Anonymous and NTP

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Oct 20 21:30:37 CDT 2004


The message you're getting is shown when the time could not be retrieved 
from the ntp server.  If you're confident that the time is not a 
problem, I'd suspect a problem with the anonymous certificate, or with 
the anonymous CA certificate in the certificate repository of the user 
running the venue server.

You should check the cert repo of the user running the venue server and 
the venue client for the presence of the anonymous ca cert.  If the CA 
cert is missing, the certificate status will be 'Invalid CA chain'.

There should also be an indication of the problem in the VenueServer.log 
or VenueClient.log; if the problem isn't clear there, you can send the 
relevant portion of the logfile to me.


Jeremy Mann wrote:
> This is about the fifth time I've posted this message, so I'm trying
> again. When using an Anonymous certificate I get a NTP time error message
> when trying to connect to our VenueServer. Switching to a users
> certificate works perfectly. Both the client and the server sync from our
> NTP server.
> The exact error is:
> Authorization failure connecting to server. Please check the time on your
> computer; an incorrect local clock can cause authorization to fail.
> The time on BOTH client and server are exact.
> However, when connecting to the ANL venue server, everything works perfectly.
> Can somebody help me on this?

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