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Patrick Johnson pjohnson at imsav.com
Wed Oct 20 13:29:03 CDT 2004


I'm attempting to install a Hauppauge WINTV RADIO pci card (BT878
chipset) on my RedHat Enterprise Linux WS version 3.  The driver for the
card is the bttv driver.  From my research about the driver it is
suppose to be built into the Linux kernel.  I'm running Kernel
2.4.21-20EL-i686.  RedHat's hardware browser shows the card as a video
capture card and defines the driver as bttv.  However the card is not
"mapped" to a device.  I tried running 


% xawtv -noxv

And it returned

Can't open /dev/video0


I don't really now how to troubleshoot this as I'm still a novice Linux


I looked under /lib/modules/<Kernel version>/Kernel/drivers and I didn't
see the bttv module.  When I try to modprobe for bttv it returns an
error saying it can't locate the module.

However, when I look under
/usr/src/linux-2.4.21-20.EL/drivers/media/video I do see the bttv module


Do I need to rebuild the Kernel?  I don't know how to tell if the bttv
driver is already there and I don't know how to rebuild the kernel
either.  I apologize if this is the wrong mailing list to be asking this
type of question but if it is could you direct me to where I can get







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