[AG-TECH] AGJuggler

Dioselin Gonzalez dagonzal at purdue.edu
Fri Oct 15 18:00:39 CDT 2004

Hello AG community!

We have finished a first version of  AGJuggler.  This is an ongoing project to 
create a toolkit to run existing Virtual Reality applications in the Access 
Grid.  Users see each other as 3D entities or avatars and can have their own 
point of view or select the option "follow" to observe from the point of view 
of another participant. 

We will have a demo session of AGJuggler at our SC Global 2004 
presentation, "Stereographics and Virtual Reality over the Access Grid" on 
November 9th.  We encourage any site that wants to participate to download the 
software, register at  http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/fl/events/scg2004/ and drop 
us a note if you want to schedule a test session.

For more info about AGJuggler, please visit 
http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~dagonzal/tech519v/index.html and our SC Global 
presentation site, http://www.envision.purdue.edu/papers/SC04-stereo-AG/



Dioselin Gonzalez.-
Graduate research assistant
Envision Center for Data Perceptualization at Purdue

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