[AG-TECH] Testing my system

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Fri Oct 15 18:29:37 CDT 2004

Patrick Johnson wrote:

> I'm building a room based node for a customer of mine.
> Do I need access to internet-2 in order to test my system?  How about 
> to retrieve a certificate?
You need access to a network that supports 15-30 mbps of multicast 
traffic - or you'll need to use a multicast tunnel that is located on a 
multicast enabled network (AG Bridge, rcBridge). In order to "meet" with 
others in the current AG community, you'll need access to a network that 
peers with the networks that other AG nodes use - certainly access to 
the Abilene backbone will get you connected to these folks 

When you install the AG software, it will take you through a process to 
"get" a certificate - first to make the request and then to retrieve the 
certificate, after ANL has "granted" it.

> Thanks,
> Patrick

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