[AG-TECH] re: Canon VC-C4

Anne M. Hammond hammond at solarz.Colorado.EDU
Thu Oct 14 13:29:20 CDT 2004

We have two Canon VC-C4, and like them very much.  They
zoom and focus nicely. 

One thing I don't like about the VC-C4 is the way the 
remote controls a camera.  Specifically:

We set up each camera to have an ID number, ID1 and ID2.
On the remote, when you press ID1, the remote controls only affect
camera ID1.  Camera ID2 becomes inactive.  

One would like, on the second remote to press ID2 and be
able to control only the second camera, ID2.  However, pressing
ID2 on the second remote turns off control to the camera ID1 for
both remote controls.  

So you cannot have two people with two different remotes,
each controlling one camera.  The remotes interfere.

You might investigate how this works on other remote controlled
cameras, if this is important to your setup.

Anne Hammond
University of Colorado at Boulder

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