[AG-TECH] question on access grid (Randy Groves)

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu Oct 14 19:43:35 CDT 2004

When you say access your venue, do you mean via the venue client or venue 
management?  I believe (somebody correct me if I'm wrong!!!) that the 
registered people are all those who have accessed your server at some point 
in time.  But this is from observation and not based on extensive knowledge 
of the code.

I also believe (same caveat) that if you don't apply any access control 
lists other than the default, then everyone should be able to access your 
server via the venue client.

But they won't be able to administer your venue server unless you put them 
in the administrators group.  Which you probably DON'T want to do with all 
the people in the registered people list.


At 10:25 AM 10/14/2004, Vandiford, William Matthew wrote:
>Dear Randy
>This is Matt Vandiford from East Carolina University. I have a couple of
>questions that I need to know about. I have attached a picture showing
>what I do not know. When I add a person from the registered people list
>as an administrator they are able to access my venue. However, when I
>try to add somebody that is not on the registered peoples list as an
>administrator they are not able to access my venue. I also would like to
>know who these registered people are and what are they registered to.
>Any information would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks, Matt

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