[AG-TECH] Help with venue server

Vandiford, William Matthew WMV0212 at MAIL.ECU.EDU
Mon Oct 11 09:46:16 CDT 2004

I am cuurently in the process of trying to configure my own venue. I
have it set up, but I run into problem when I try to access my venue
from another machine. When I type in the URL of my venue
(https://foqgro1.intra.ecu.edu:8000/Venues/default) it gives me a Can
not enter venue message which states "Can not connect to venue located
at https://foqgro1.intra.ecu.edu:8000/Venues/default." This only happens
when I try to open up the venue from a separate machine. Any information
will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

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