[AG-TECH] Help with venue server

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Wed Oct 13 10:58:41 CDT 2004

(This is presuming that you're running AG 2.3)

You need to have the distinguished name (DN) of the user whose certificate 
is being used in the Venue Client on the non-venue server machine added as 
an administrator on the venue server.

In the Venue Management console (on the venue machine), when you've 
connected to your venue server, click on the 'Security' tab, then 'Manage 
Security'.  Right click on the Administrators entry and select 'Add 
Person'.  Type or paste in the DN for the user you want to be added.  The 
DN is the string that you see next to 'Subject:' in the  window you get 
when you select 'View Certificate' in the Certificate Manager.

Hope this helps.


At 07:46 AM 10/11/2004, Vandiford, William Matthew wrote:
>I am cuurently in the process of trying to configure my own venue. I
>have it set up, but I run into problem when I try to access my venue
>from another machine. When I type in the URL of my venue
>(https://foqgro1.intra.ecu.edu:8000/Venues/default) it gives me a Can
>not enter venue message which states "Can not connect to venue located
>at https://foqgro1.intra.ecu.edu:8000/Venues/default." This only happens
>when I try to open up the venue from a separate machine. Any information
>will be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks, Matt

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