[AG-TECH] account-specific problem on AGTk2.3/XP

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Oct 4 21:22:31 CDT 2004

I'd check the XP Firewall settings first.


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> Good morning, all!
> Here's a chestnut I haven't seen before.  Any guesses about 
> what might be going on?
> I had installed AGTk2.3 and associated packages on a new Dell 
> dual-processor XP with Matrox D200 MM, Videum 4400, XAP400, 
> etc.  Everything was working swimmingly.  One of the faculty 
> that uses this machine installed Real Producer for streaming 
> some classes from the room to a non-AG audience, and this was 
> working well for him.  However, I am no longer able to run 
> the client "completely" when logged in as myself (also an 
> admin acct.) 
> What I see is everything working properly with one working 
> RAT and one VIC per defined VideoProducer (three of these, 
> since we use three cameras, usually.)  Of course I still have 
> to select the correct device in the menu for these 
> producer-VICs for each corresponding camera, but that is 
> nothing new.  The problem is with the VIC that appears for 
> the VideoConsumer, i.e. the VIC with non-muted thumbnails and 
> labeled with the venue name.  This comes up with a "waiting 
> for video.." message that never goes away.
> If I un-mute thumbnails in one of my producer-VICs I can see 
> the video stream from that camera is fine.  And others in the 
> venue seem to be getting my video streams just fine.  
> However, I am getting neither my own video streams in my 
> consumer-VIC, nor any of the streams from other sites in the 
> venue that should also appear in my concumer-VIC.
> If I quit, log out, and log back in on the faculty member's 
> account, everything works fine.
> At one point I de-installed RealProducer, thinking there 
> might be some interference there, but if so the de-install 
> did not help.  I had also recently installed XP SP2 from my 
> account, and had to go through the excercise whenever 
> prompted of allowing connections by various AG-related SW 
> bits, but I did this on another nearly identical system 
> without incident.
> I'm stumped.  Any ideas from you experts or even guesses 
> would be greatly appreciated.
> --David
> David McNabb
> Project Lead, UMAGI
> UM Access Grid Initiative
> Office of Information Technology
> University of Maryland
> College Park, MD, USA
> mcnabb at umd.edu

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