[AG-TECH] account-specific problem on AGTk2.3/XP

David McNabb mcnabb at umd.edu
Mon Oct 4 07:29:30 CDT 2004

Good morning, all!

Here's a chestnut I haven't seen before.  Any guesses about what might be going on?

I had installed AGTk2.3 and associated packages on a new Dell dual-processor XP with Matrox D200 MM, Videum 4400, XAP400, etc.  Everything was working swimmingly.  One of the faculty that uses this machine installed Real Producer for streaming some classes from the room to a non-AG audience, and this was working well for him.  However, I am no longer able to run the client "completely" when logged in as myself (also an admin acct.) 

What I see is everything working properly with one working RAT and one VIC per defined VideoProducer (three of these, since we use three cameras, usually.)  Of course I still have to select the correct device in the menu for these producer-VICs for each corresponding camera, but that is nothing new.  The problem is with the VIC that appears for the VideoConsumer, i.e. the VIC with non-muted thumbnails and labeled with the venue name.  This comes up with a "waiting for video.." message that never goes away.

If I un-mute thumbnails in one of my producer-VICs I can see the video stream from that camera is fine.  And others in the venue seem to be getting my video streams just fine.  However, I am getting neither my own video streams in my consumer-VIC, nor any of the streams from other sites in the venue that should also appear in my concumer-VIC.

If I quit, log out, and log back in on the faculty member's account, everything works fine.

At one point I de-installed RealProducer, thinking there might be some interference there, but if so the de-install did not help.  I had also recently installed XP SP2 from my account, and had to go through the excercise whenever prompted of allowing connections by various AG-related SW bits, but I did this on another nearly identical system without incident.

I'm stumped.  Any ideas from you experts or even guesses would be greatly appreciated.


David McNabb
Project Lead, UMAGI
UM Access Grid Initiative
Office of Information Technology
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, USA
mcnabb at umd.edu

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