[AG-TECH] Shared Presentation broken in 2.3? **URGENT**

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Oct 4 20:30:06 CDT 2004

Hi Randy,

> Has anyone had success with the Shared Presentation included with 2.3? 
> This was broken for me in the betas, and I'm getting the same problem now. 
> I'm going against a 2.3 venue server on FC2, with Doug's latest RPMs.  I'm 
> fairly certain that I removed all the old information about the previous 
> setup, but perhaps not.
> The symptom on the client side is that I cannot see the powerpoint file 
> that I uploaded into the venue, nor can I upload a local file.
> As always happens - I've got a high level demo on Wednesday.
> Should I re-install the venue server from scratch?  I've already done that 
> with the client.

I'll see if I can reproduce the problem with a Venue Server running on FC2 
some time today.

One possible workaround in the mean time is to put the PowerPoint slides on 
a webserver, then paste the URLs in the Shared Presentation control.

Known problems with the client-side Shared Presentation on FC2:
1. the master isn't able to turn pages in OpenOffice slide-show mode
    (press Esc and run OO in non-slideshow mode)
2.  may need to run "agpm.py --post-install" after updating from 
    (this only happens with an update, but not with an erase followed by an 


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