[AG-TECH] Shared Presentation broken in 2.3? **URGENT**

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Mon Oct 4 18:58:39 CDT 2004

Has anyone had success with the Shared Presentation included with 
2.3?  This was broken for me in the betas, and I'm getting the same problem 
now.  I'm going against a 2.3 venue server on FC2, with Doug's latest 
RPMs.  I'm fairly certain that I removed all the old information about the 
previous setup, but perhaps not.

The symptom on the client side is that I cannot see the powerpoint file 
that I uploaded into the venue, nor can I upload a local file.

As always happens - I've got a high level demo on Wednesday.

Should I re-install the venue server from scratch?  I've already done that 
with the client.


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