[AG-TECH] Non-member submission from [gurcharan khanna <gkhanna at Dartmouth.EDU>]

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 29 13:45:31 CST 2004

> Previous versions of Mac OS X vic and rat are available. once source is the
> Berkeley OpenMash project at www.openmash.org. They have been around for two
> years now. But they only worked with certain firewire drivers and OS
> versions (the transmit part of the video anyway). i used the vic in receive
> mode quite a bit for a while.

i've got mash running natively on mac osx and am in the process of
checking the changes into the mash cvs repository.  i haven't
tinkered with the video capture drivers at all but it should be
functional for receiving.  for video transmission, i noticed that
a mac video producer service using quicktime was recently checked
in to the ag cvs repository but i haven't tried it myself.

of course, this isn't all that useful without rat for audio, i
don't have any idea if anybody is actively working on that.

> i think the openmash project or part of it was
> taken over by Internet2 folks but am not sure of its status.

it wasn't taken over.  the project funding ran out so we no longer
have a full-time staff programmer but we're still hosting the
cvs repository and using the toolkit.


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