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Mon Nov 29 10:39:07 CST 2004


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I would also like to get some clarification as to the state of the Mac AG
On the download page it says the media tools are not yet available. I'm
assuming this refers to vic and rat. If this is so, is there any timetable
for when they might be available?

Previous versions of Mac OS X vic and rat are available. once source is the
Berkeley OpenMash project at www.openmash.org. They have been around for two
years now. But they only worked with certain firewire drivers and OS
versions (the transmit part of the video anyway). i used the vic in receive
mode quite a bit for a while. i think the openmash project or part of it was
taken over by Internet2 folks but am not sure of its status.

If anyone has any later information, it would be appreciated.


Gurcharan S. Khanna
Dartmouth College
gkhanna at dartmouth.edu
gkhanna at fastmail.fm

Dean W. Nobles wrote:
> Hello -
> I've download/installed the AGTK for MacOS X and it seems to work pretty 
> well.  I had some troubles importing my certificate initially, but 
> managed to get past that.  There are apparently none of the mbone tools 
> (vic and rat) distributed with the tookit, or at least I haven't been 
> able to locate them yet.  And I haven't managed to find a binary on the 
> net for either that's been ported to MacOS.  Does anyone on the list 
> have either a pointer to binaries for vic & rat or information about 
> getting them running under MacOS X?
> Thanks.
> --dean

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