[AG-TECH] Node v/s user configuration

Sandra Jaque sjaque at reuna.cl
Mon Nov 29 07:44:43 CST 2004


First I´m sorry if this is not the mail list to ask this question.

I work at REUNA (Chilean NREN), we are trying to setup an AG node, and I
have many doubdts but the main one is:   What is the different between a
node and an user configuration, I have read all the documentation, the
tutorial, the howto´s etc. and I´m  not clear yet.

I thought a node is an agrupation of AG machines under a same management
domain, i.e. a video, audio, display machine under for example REUNA
management, under this logic I expected to have this three machines
behind the same node tree.   But I just have been able to see three
separate node, as for expample:  REUNA-video node, REUNA-display node,
REUNA-audio node.       So the last is correct or there is another way
to configure a node?  If it is correct then what is the diference
between a node and a user configuration?

Many Thanks in advance

Sandra Jaque

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