[AG-TECH] Node Setup Wizard AGTk 2.1.2

Patrick Johnson pjohnson at imsav.com
Mon Nov 8 16:17:43 CST 2004

I'm trying to get AGTk 2.1.2 to work on 2 RedHat Enterprise Linux
systems and 1 XP Pro system.  I have the software loaded but I'm having
trouble in the setup and configuration.  I'm following the installation
and configuration guide for AcessGrid 2.x users.  The guide is at

It says to run the AGServiceManager.py on each system and the run the
Node Setup Wizard.  When I try to execute the Node Setup Wizard from my
XP system I get an hour glass then the hour glass goes away and nothing
appears to happen.  There's no information in the logs, so I'm at a
loss.  Has anyone seen this problem before?







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