[AG-TECH] Echo cancelling mics

jwharrison at insors.com jwharrison at insors.com
Mon Nov 8 16:30:06 CST 2004

Hi Jason,

I have used both the Accumic II and the ClearMic extensively, and I think they
are both capable systems.  The Accumic is made by ClearOne (formerly Gentner),
which is a leader in the industry.  It is actually 3 independent unidirectional
microphones with three independent noise AND echo cancellers.  It has an
excellent response--even for sounds that are farther away.  If you use an
Accumic, be careful with the pins on the plug.  They bend easilly.

GlobalMedia's ClearMic is a single omni-directional microphone with no
noise-cancellation (only echo-cancellation), and it is intended for single users
(or very small groups.)  It tends to distort when there is a lot of background
noise or in large rooms when sounds are far away, and it loses definition when
you have several people speaking at once.  If you use a ClearMic, I would advise
that you be careful with the attached plugs on the back because I have heard that
they can detatch from the internal printed circuit board with enough force. 
Also, GlobalMedia has a version of the ClearMic with a convenient built-in USB
camera for your PIG.

Of course the Accumic is more expensive, so there is a trade-off between quality
and price.

There are no *working* software echo-cancellation apps available at this time. 
There was a project at U Queensland, but nothing in production yet.

I hope this helps

John Harrison
inSORS Integrated Communications

On Mon Nov  8 15:34 , Jason Soohoo <jsoohoo at haystack.mit.edu> sent:

>Greetings all,
>I'm sure this question has been asked many many times,
>How well do echo cancelling mics work? Is a Vortex or other echo 
>cancelling hardware still needed with along those mics?
>I'm looking at an AccuMic II and a ClearMic, any thoughts on those?
>Any information on hardware or even software related to echo cancelling 
>would be great.
>Thank you all for you time,
>Jason SooHoo

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