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Marius Schamschula marius at physics.aamu.edu
Thu Nov 4 16:24:18 CST 2004

On Nov 4, 2004, at 3:54 PM, David McNabb wrote:

> Bummer!
> I wonder if Ivan has seen that missing .dll problem.
> I know he's swamped with SC2004/SC Global
> tasks right now; otherwise I would send it right
> on to him.  If we knew exactly which path that
> .dll were supposed to be in, I could email you
> the one from my machine and we could see if
> dropping it in would solve the problem.

The .dll it is looking for is MSVCR71.dll

> I take it you've already used Internet2 Detective
> and that's not telling you enough?

After having all the problems with the beaconserver I saw Jennifer's 
note about the internet2 detective.

I downloaded the Mac version and connected my PowerBook to the AG 
subnet. Good Abilene, but no multicast. To double check, I downloaded 
the Windows version, only to find I needed the .Net framework. I got 
that and then installed the I2 detective. Same result as on the Mac. 
Now I need to know what is wrong with the multicast configuration so 
the network guys can fix this.

> I may try compiling the OSX version too.
> I love my G5 but just haven't done much on
> it yet (spending way too much energy on XP.)
> Well, no other ideas come to mind.  Sorry
> I wasn't more help.  I think you will love 2.3
> when you get a chance to switch.  i highly
> recommend a 1-machine XP solution for a
> full AGN.  We have three of these here on
> campus, two in permanent AGN rooms and
> one portable.

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