[AG-TECH] Node setup Wizard

Patrick Johnson pjohnson at imsav.com
Thu Nov 4 17:36:35 CST 2004

I'm having trouble running the Node Setup Wizard under AGTk 2.2


I have two Linux systems running RHEL v.3 (audio and video capture) and
one Windows XP Pro system for my display.


I first started the AGServiceManager.py on each of the Linux systems.
Each system replies with a "bound to port 12000" and no errors.

The XP system also starts the Service Manager Service with no errors but
when I start the Node Setup Wizard I get an error "Can not start Node
Setup Wizard".  There are no other error messages and nothing in the
event viewer.  Has anyone else had this problem?




Patrick Johnson

Integrated Media Systems

1260 N. Fee Ana

Anaheim, CA 92807

office: 714-579-4100

cell: 714-225-0666

pjohnson at imsav.com


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