[AG-TECH] internal venue server

Benedikt Bjarni Bogason benedib at hi.is
Mon Jun 21 04:25:21 CDT 2004

Hello everybody.

I am in the process of looking into setting up an internal venue server
for my company (BT) behind our firewalls. I understand this has been done,
at least with one company (Boeing). For the time being we are only
thinking about connecting maybe 4-5 clients, mostly PIGs, but if
successful we might extend it further. Right now we are looking into the
possibility of one or two of our colleagues working from home using a
broadband connection (firewall problem not an issue).

For this trial run we will be using as a server an old Linux box, and were
wondering if any of you had any suggestions which flavour of Linux we
should be using. Is there a particular version that works better for AG2.2
than others?

And also, will there be any severe certificate problems? As it will be
only used within the company, within our firewalls, we really have no
practical use for them; I don't suppose there is any way of just skipping
them? If not, would it be difficult to run our own certificate server?

If anyone has any useful tips, or has gone through this process before us
and is willing to warn us of the pitfalls, I would be very grateful.

Best regards,
Benedikt Bogason
benedikt.bogasson at bt.com

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