[AG-TECH] internal venue server

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Mon Jun 21 07:32:01 CDT 2004

For the internal venue servers we now have running (2.1.2, and working on
a 2.2 setup), I've been using RedHat 9.  Whether I continue on this tack
or move to something like Fedora or not, I haven't decided as yet.

The only issue that I can think of re: RedHat 9 is that you probably will
have to acquire and load the openssl096 and openssl096b packages from your
favourite RedHat mirror.  Oh, yes - with 2.2 you will run into an issue
with python-optik (bugzilla'd already) - but the way that I dealt with
that is just to remove up2date (you'll have to get rid of a couple of
other packages as well), since the RedHat Network no longer applies for
this release.  Once you've removed up2date and the RedHat version of
python-optik, the install of 2.2 is clean.

You will definitely need certificates - there is no way around that.  I
haven't attempted to configure our setup to only use our internal CA
(though I believe that it is possible) - that's one of the items on my to
do list.


On Mon, 21 Jun 2004, Benedikt Bjarni Bogason wrote:

> Hello everybody.
> I am in the process of looking into setting up an internal venue server
> for my company (BT) behind our firewalls. I understand this has been done,
> at least with one company (Boeing). For the time being we are only
> thinking about connecting maybe 4-5 clients, mostly PIGs, but if
> successful we might extend it further. Right now we are looking into the
> possibility of one or two of our colleagues working from home using a
> broadband connection (firewall problem not an issue).
> For this trial run we will be using as a server an old Linux box, and were
> wondering if any of you had any suggestions which flavour of Linux we
> should be using. Is there a particular version that works better for AG2.2
> than others?
> And also, will there be any severe certificate problems? As it will be
> only used within the company, within our firewalls, we really have no
> practical use for them; I don't suppose there is any way of just skipping
> them? If not, would it be difficult to run our own certificate server?
> If anyone has any useful tips, or has gone through this process before us
> and is willing to warn us of the pitfalls, I would be very grateful.
> Best regards,
> Benedikt Bogason
> benedikt.bogasson at bt.com

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