[AG-TECH] Errors silenced?

Susanne Lefvert lefvert at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jun 17 15:06:03 CDT 2004

Hello Rob,

I am glad to hear that you are working on a shared application for the AG 
and would like to help you with your logging issue.  Apparently, log files 
for shared apps are not created properly and we are working to get that 
fixed.  In the mean time, you can use following code to test your app 
outside of the venue client:

from AccessGrid.Toolkit import CmdlineApplication
app = CmdlineApplication.instance()

# Url from app properties dialog in venue client (the 'Location 
# URL' field in the dialog that shows up when you right click the 
# application session you want to use and select 'Properties').
appUrl = 'https://<host>:<port>/....'

This will print errors to the console and create a log <appName>.log file 
where you are running your application.  Also, 
AccessGrid/tools/VenueApp.py in cvs shows you how to create an 
application session in the venue without using the venue client.         

Hope this helps,



On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Rob King wrote:

>             Hello Everyone,
>             I am working on developing a shared application right now, but
> have been having some problems.  I could probably figure them out, but it
> seems as though the errors are being suppressed somewhere.  It's happened in
> a couple of places so far, and problems become difficult to debug.  I have
> debug logging mode on, but when it gets to an error, it doesn't log it, it
> just stops.  Is there some way to coax the error messages into a log or even
> the debug console?  My current method of putting a debug log statement every
> couple lines of code has only met with limited success ;)
>             Hope someone can help!
>             -rob king

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